What is Prolotherapy?

We would like to inform you on Prolotherapy, a simple yet highly effective procedure for repairing damaged ligaments. Due to various physical injuries, ligaments may become damaged and never quite heal to their original strength. This is because the blood supply to ligaments is limited, causing a slow and often times incomplete healing process.
Prolotherapy is a simple injection of dextrose (sugar water) into the ligament, causing localized inflammation and an accelerated healing process due to increased blood flow. Its mechanism of action is comparable to a flu vaccination; by injecting a mild irritant, your body is tricked into repairing itself much faster.
In fact, a version of Prolotherapy was used over 2000 years ago! Hippocrates would stick a hot poker into damaged or torn joints, and his patients would miraculously heal up. Of course, we don’t use hot pokers, but the concept is similar.
While the response to Prolotherapy varies from individual to individual, the average patient requires 4-6 for a particular area. The best thing to do is get an evaluation by a trained physician to see if you are an appropriate candidate. Once you begin treatment, your doctor can tell better how you are responding and give you an accurate estimate.
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