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Stem Cell Therapy: An Overview

What are Stem Cells?

“Stem Cells” are cells in the body that have the ability to take on the form of other cells. In other words, they are the undeveloped forms of tissue all over your body. Imagine you’re repairing a house, and had a special solution that could grow into the wood floor, the steel beams, and the marble cabinet – that’s essentially what a stem cell is. The types of Stem Cells we use, Adult Stem Cells, can be used to regenerate damaged tissues.

How does Stem Cell Therapy work?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, meaning they can be used to heal damaged tissues all over the body, making them extremely valuable. The Adult Stem Cells we use are extracted from a patient’s hip bone (iliac crest). Once bone marrow is extracted, the solution is spun in a high speed centrifuge to concentrate the stem cells. The solution is then injected directly into the damaged tissue, which begins the repairing process. Stem Cell Therapy isn’t a temporary painkiller, it addresses the root of the problem by regenerating damaged tissue. Patients will begin to feel a decrease in pain anywhere from 2-6 weeks post procedure, with results lasting indefinitely.

What can Stem Cell Therapy treat?

Our Stem Cell Therapy can be used to treat ligament tears, tendon tears, arthritis, neck and back pain, plantar fasciitis and more. The unique nature of stem cells enables us to use the procedure for a large scope of treatments.

Is Stem Cell Therapy right for me?

If your injury hasn’t responded to traditional treatment, stem cell therapy may be the perfect option. It’s a low risk, cutting edge outpatient procedure that has been proven time after time to accelerate healing even in long term, chronic injuries. It’s important to fix the underlying issue as opposed to relying on temporary treatments. Upon your visit, there will be an initial evaluation with your doctor to see if Stem Cell Therapy is right for you.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes, it is very safe. We use Autologous (your own body’s) stem cells, and there’s no chance of cell rejection. You may experience mild pain and soreness after your procedure, which will subside in 1-3 days.

Is this related to Embryonic Stem Cells?

No. The stem cells we use are autologous adult stem cells derived from the bone marrow of a patient’s iliac crest. Put simply, we take fully grown, adult stem cells from apatient’s hip bone and inject a concentrated solution into the samepatient’s injured body part. The ethical, religious and legal aspects of embryonic stem cells do not fall under our realm of treatment.

How Many Treatments are Necessary?

Most patients need only ONE treatment to yield full benefit.

How soon can I go back to regular activities?

The procedure is a same day in office procedure, and patients can resume normal activity within a day or two depending on soreness. Patients can return to work the next day.

Does insurance pay for Stem Cell Therapy?

Most insurance plans do not pay for stem cell therapy. Please contact one of our Long Island offices about the cost of our stem cell therapy treatment.

Famous athletes whose use of Stem Cell Therapy has been documented in the media:

Rafael Nadal, Peyton Manning, Bartolo Colon, Jarvis Green, Merril Hoge.

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