Platelet Rich Plasma for Sports Injuries


What is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma is blood plasma that consists of a higher concentration of platelets and proteins called growth factors which aid in healing. PRP can be used to help bones, ligaments, and tendons regenerate or repair themselves. It can also be used to accelerate the healing of wounds or assist in the new development of new blood vessels. PRP enables regeneration of tissue and reduction of pain due to its regenerative and inflammatory properties. See our full Introduction to PRP for more details on the treatment.

PRP and Athletes

Many high profile athletes are taking notice of the incredible benefits of this alternative treatment. Some well-known athletes like Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez have even traveled to Germany in the past where PRP treatments were once readily available prior to FDA guidelines. Below are examples of professional athletes and how PRP treatment was able to help them recover from injury.

  • Kobe Bryant, a renowned professional basketball player of the Los Angeles Lakers, has received upwards of three treatments on his knee in the past few years and was able to make surprising comebacks following serious injury in the game.
  • Alex Rodriguez, a professional baseball player of the New York Yankees, has also received multiple PRP treatments on both his right knee and left shoulder after it being recommended by Kobe Bryant.
  • Peyton Manning, a former professional quarterback of the 2016 Super Bowl winning Denver Broncos, had several treatments to help repair tissues, ligaments, and alleviate pain in his neck.
  • Tiger Woods, a professional golfer, has also received PRP treatments to both his knees following a knee surgery to repair injury as well as to his Achilles tendon.
  • Rafael Nadal, a Spanish professional tennis player, has received PRP treatments to his knee after having been out for over seven months from what were perceived to be career-threatening problems. Following the treatment he was able to fully recover and successfully win many titles.

Why Choose PRP Treatment?

If you are suffering from joint pain or injury to tissues or ligaments, you might be a candidate for PRP treatment. For more information about this procedure, to refer a patient, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at one of our locations on Long Island or Queens.

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