Is your Golf Game Causing Tennis Elbow?

Elbow PainWhen the tendons of the elbow become inflamed, the condition is referred to as “tennis elbow.” Contrary to how it may seem, this area of inflammation affects more than just tennis players. If golf is your sport of choice, but you have limited range of motion in your wrist or pain on the inside of your elbow, you have the same form of tendonitis that may develop in the avid tennis player. Rightfully so, we refer to this condition as “golfer’s elbow.”

The same general area is affected by each of these treatable conditions. Technically, tennis elbow is called epicondylitis, and it develops in the lateral elbow, or the outside of the arm. Golfer’s elbow develops in the area where the muscles and tendons around the elbow meet. Treatment for golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow focuses on restored comfort and on decreasing the risk of future flare-ups or extended inflammation, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Symptoms such as tingling and numbness in the hand, wrist, or arm, or decreased strength in the muscles of the forearm should be evaluated by your physician at Action Sports Medicine and Pain Management.

Can Golfer’s Elbow be Prevented?

While there is no guarantee that sporting injuries, even those related to over-use, can be prevented, there are ways to minimize your risk. Our interest is to help our patients regain functional usage of their arm and hand, and to maintain comfort through healthy habits such a pre-game exercises.

  • Stretching is not just for runners! Your physician or physical therapist can recommend specific stretching exercises tailored to your needs.
  • Wrist curls, in forward and reverse, can loosen up the muscles around the arms.
  • Squeezing a tennis ball for a few minutes, a few times a week, can strengthen the muscles used to hold a club.

When you receive orthopedic care for injury repair and prevention, you will be instructed on the types of exercises that can help reduce pain and inflammation, and how to do them. The result of performance is that your muscles are better prepared for the motions you require of them while on the greens or driving range.

Early treatment for golfer’s elbow can minimize the healing time needed to get you back in the game. Contact Action Sports Medicine and Pain Management for your consultation.

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