How long should I attend physical therapy before considering pain management procedure?

Physical Therapy is meant to help reduce pain and improve mobility. It’s an effective way to avoid the use of prescription medication or surgery when dealing with pain. Even though PT is a well-studied practice for combating pain, it isn’t always fully effective. In some cases patients will not experience 100% relief of their
A common question asked by most patients is how long they need physical therapy before their injury is cured? It’s a tough question to answer because each and every patient is different. The answer really depends on the patient’s pain tolerance and short & long term goals. One patient may need three days to walk one hundred feet after knee surgery, while another may require ten. Pain perception, motivation, and healing rate are all highly variable when dealing with pain. A good time to consider stopping physical therapy is when you feel:
  • Progress has reached a plateau
  • Condition is worsening

If you are working hard at physical therapy, you should notice an increase in mobility and a return to your previous level of function.  Your pain level should be decreasing, and impairments like limited range of motion (ROM) and strength should be improving. If your pain is getting worse or if you are noticing a continued loss of functional mobility then you should consider Pain Management procedures. Pain Management procedures attack chronic pain and make it tolerable for patients to resume their daily lives. Here at Action Sports Medicine & Pain Management we offer various minimally invasive pain management techniques.

These procedures include:


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