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Top 10 Most Common Sport Injuries

Top 10 Most Common Sport Injuries There are a plethora of injuries that can occur while playing  sports. Certain body parts are more prone to injury depending on the sport. Below are the top 10 most common sport injuries: Knee Injuries – About 55% of sports injuries are knee injuries and about a quarter of […]

Is Hip Pain a Daily Stressor? Here’s what you Might want to Do!

Daily hip pain could indicate that you have osteoarthritis or bursitis. Arthritis in the hip joint often results over time; a simple matter of wear and tear. Bursitis describes inflammation in the lining of the joint, rather than a wearing down of the joint itself. If hip pain is a daily occurrence, there are steps […]

Hip Pain? How a Labral Tear may be Addressed

At the hip joint, the thigh bone and the pelvis meet in a ball-and-socket structure. It is this mechanism that facilitates the different movements the hip needs to achieve. Around the bony socket is a ring of cartilage, the labrum, which stabilizes the joint itself. This cartilage may separate from the socket under certain circumstances. […]