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Epidural Steroid Injections: An Overview

An Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI) is a common, non-surgical pain treatment method that involves injecting steroid medication into the Epidural Space of the spine where inflamed nerves are located. Inflamed nerves caused by the narrowing of the spinal passages can cause spinal related arm or leg pain in which the ESI can reduce the inflammation […]

Reduce knee pain

Reduce Knee Pain Using Low Impact Exercise

It seems counter intuitive, but it’s possible to reduce knee pain, and in some cases eliminate it altogether,  by taking regular exercise to mobilize the muscles and provide conditioning of the knee joint. Exercise is a necessary aspect of staying healthy and mobile. Adults are encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control to engage in […]

Top 10 Most Common Sport Injuries

Top 10 Most Common Sport Injuries There are a plethora of injuries that can occur while playing  sports. Certain body parts are more prone to injury depending on the sport. Below are the top 10 most common sport injuries: Knee Injuries – About 55% of sports injuries are knee injuries and about a quarter of […]

Top Ten Causes for Back Pain

Back pain, while common, can range from a constant, dull ache to a sharp, sudden, and debilitating pain that can make movement challenging. Below is a list of common causes for lower, mid and upper back pain. Herniated and Slipped Discs: Herniated and slipped discs result when a crack in the tough outer layer of […]