Acupuncture a Promising Therapy for Chronic Pain

AcupuncturePain is typically classified in one of two ways: either acute or chronic. Many of us have experienced acute pain at some point in time. Perhaps an injury has caused temporary tendonitis, or sleeping wrong has led to a headache. Acute pain is actually a more manageable problem than chronic pain.

Chronic pain is considered a neurological condition that can be very complex in its origins and extent. Statistics indicate that as much as 30% of the population is affected by chronic pain. However, the condition is not well understood. For this reason, treatment options in mainstream medicine tend to be limited and rather ineffective. Men and women living with chronic pain may also have to face the stigma associated with this problem.

Some experts suggest that chronic pain is, in itself, a disease; indicative of a malfunction in the body that causes warning signals to go off when they shouldn’t. In a good number of cases, a clear diagnosis for chronic pain cannot be made. This leads to frustration and, sometimes, hopelessness for the affected patient.

At Action Sports and Pain Management, patients consult with experienced professionals who realize chronic pain may have unknown origins. Furthermore, our staff seeks to do more than cover up a painful problem with medication. Pain is a very real issue. Fortunately, it is one for which solutions exist. One of the alternative therapies our patients may consider is acupuncture.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. This ancient practice revolves around the mindset that the body is an entity in which all parts are interconnected. Where one part is affected by disease, so are other systems and organs. The link that makes the body a cohesive unit is chi, or life force. This force is the energy that stems from our innate biochemical makeup. Blocks to energy flow are believed to have a compounded effect, leading to a number of different symptoms. The practice of acupuncture is intended to break through energetic blocks, allowing energy to flow optimally throughout the body.

While acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat a variety of conditions, recent research confirms that this alternative, conservative therapy is exceptionally powerful in the area of pain management. In one study, it was found that self-reported symptoms improved by 50% in patients treated with acupuncture.

It’s time to regain a comfortable quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about pain management therapies or alternative therapies for chronic pain.

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