5 Ways your Knees are Taking a Hit

knee painEvery day, the mere act of physical movement places stress on your knees. The complexity of this joint, and the daily use it is put through, make it vulnerable to injury. It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid athlete or if your level of activity is more like a nightly walk around the neighborhood, it is beneficial to recognize how your knees may be put through undue strain and stress. Doing so means you are reducing your risk for pain.

  • Excess weight. Studies show that the extra stress put on knees due to excess weight could lead to osteoarthritis over time. This is a type of arthritis linked to wear and tear on the cartilage of the joint.
  • Sucking it up. There are very few times at which it is ok to dismiss pain, or to “grin and bear it.” If knee pain inhibits you in any way from living the activity level you want, see your doctor. Early treatment for minor pain is much better – and much more conservative – than having to repair an injury.
  • Going for it. We like to push ourselves, especially on the field, track, or in the gym. However, overdoing any workout directly raises the chances of suffering a knee injury. Even diving in to a new yoga practice to quickly and with high ambition can cause overexertion that the knee joint just can’t handle.
  • Neglecting the muscles around the knee. As important as the joint itself are the muscles and tendons that keep the knee stable. These muscles should be strong and flexible, which comes from stretching and mild strength training.
  • Getting back to it too quickly. Recovering from a knee injury takes time. This could be several weeks or it could be months. The goal is to have a functional knee for life, though, not to return to normal activities before your knee is ready.

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